This is a Balti Spice mix that I found, it is very easy to make and really tasty. You can make large quantities and store it in a jar ready to use whenever you fancy a quick balti.


"The following Balti Spice mix is just one of many mixtures I use in my Indian cooking. I usually double or even quadruple this recipe and then store the ground spices in a tightly closed jar. The spice mix is great to have on hand for a quick lunch or dinner.

Without following any recipe, you could take about five Tablespoons of this spice mix, add it to last night's meat and/or vegetable left overs, throw in a little garlic, ginger, water or chopped tomatoes and you've got dinner for the whole family!

Reduce the amount of spice mix used to one or two tablespoons if you are just making a snack for yourself.

You will find that the more you experiment the more fun you will have and the better your curries will get.

I often add a little vinegar and chilli peppers to make a spicy Goan style curry or add some fresh home made yoghurt, paprika and chilli powder for a Rogan Josh flavour.

There is so much you can do with this simple spice mix and believe me, the result is almost always fantastic.

You could even use as a dry rub for your favourite meets or fish on the BBQ

Basic Balti Mix

12 Tablespoons Coriander Seeds 
2 six inch Cinnamon sticks or equivalent 
8 Tablespoons white cumin seeds 
2 Tablespoons fennel sends 
15 whole cloves 
2 Tablespoons black onion seeds 
3 Tablespoons black mustard seeds 
2 Tablespoons fenugreek seeds 
2 Tablespoons black cardamon seeds 
4 dry bay leaves 
3 Tablespoons black pepper corns


Heat a dry frying pan over medium heat. Throw in all of the ingredients and watch carefully, using a spatula from time to time to move the ingredients around. When the spice mix begins to smoke filling the room with its wonderful aroma, take the pan off the heat and empty the contents into a mortar or spice grinder.

Personally I prefer using a pesel and mortar. I find the slow grinding of the spices relaxing and stress reducing but by all means use a modern spice grinder if you prefer.

Although I love reading new recipes and learning how to make new dishes, it is nice having this and other spice mixes on hand for those times when I really want a good curry but I don't have much time.

One thing is certain, a meal made with this spice mixture will almost always be a lot better than any of those fatty store bought versions.

I would love to know how you get on with this. If you come up with a new curry using this mixture and your would like to share it, please do.

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